wheat-photo-1995-webSeems like a lifetime ago, 1995, wheat harvest coming to a close. Sunset, St. John, Kansas. Me, taking this photo and wondering if and how the grain elevator employee’s shadow would translate to film. Yes, film, that’s what we used in those days. Here’s the image from that long ago night. Kansas at its best.



Hang your hopes onto a star, or at least a spider web twinkling in the twilight.

Evening song

4F9A7842-Lisa Scheller LLCLife gets in a hurry some days. The bandwagon moves on, and really, all I want to do is be here to watch the softening of the light at the end of every day. Crickets and meadowlarks, and all the other insects and birds whose names I do not know, share their evening song. The flowers bloom both day and night, stalwart even in their lives so short.

The importance of listening

“On that afternoon I finally learned that when any of us is in pain, the greatest gift you can give is to listen, patiently and purely.” — Mark Lukach

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