From dream to reality

On Memorial Day 2017, my husband, Fred, and I drove to Marceline, Missouri, to watch the pages roll off the press at Walsworth Publishing. I didn’t know how it would feel to have the long-time dream of publishing The Story of The Bear become a reality.

IMG_7035When we walked into the print area and I saw the pages of my book in living color, it took me back for a minute, as I realized, “Wow, this is for real.”

While I wrote the story to help my children understand their paternal grandfather’s suicide, I like to think that at some level the book honors their grandfather — a kind and gentle man known for his intelligence and leadership. The fact that he had been a World War II veteran added meaning to the Memorial Day printing.

Walsworth sales rep Sallie Buck took photos during the press check and led us on a tour of the impressive printing facility. Nestled in the small town of Marceline, Missouri, Walsworth is the third-largest book publisher in North America.

Incidentally, Marceline is the home of Main Street USA, the downtown that inspired former resident Walt Disney when designing Disneyland. Before leaving town that day, we attended Marceline’s annual Memorial Day program, held of course, at a city park on Main Street USA.

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