Journey to The Story of The Bear

Writing this story 28 years ago was an act of desperation. Publishing The Story of The Bear — and putting it out into the world with the hope that it will help others — was, and continues to be, a labor of love.

LisaHaving garnered rejection letters when I sent this story to various publishers, two years ago, I began to think about publishing it myself. I asked a friend who is a retired English professor if she would review my manuscript. When she gave it back to me, she told me that her sister illustrates children’s books.

Her sister, Linda Shaw, lives in Ohio; I live in Kansas. Though we have never met, we quickly connected through phone calls and emails. Linda developed a deep understanding of The Story of The Bear, as you’ll see in her illustrations. A little over a year after my first phone call to Linda, and with the expertise of designer Sarah Meiers, The Story of The Bear was ready to print.

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