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The Story of The Bear recounts a poignant tale of an elderly bear who felt he was at the end of the journey of a lifetime. Because he didn’t think there was another way out, he took the only route he saw. If he had looked farther, he would have seen another path.

Written by Lisa Scheller, and illustrated by Linda Shaw, The Story of the Bear is a book for children of all ages who have lost a loved one to suicide. The book encompasses other considerations to ponder—the call of curiosity to know what discoveries await, the concept of pushing through adversity and that of coming to peace. All are there to serve as springboards for discussion with those experiencing loss.

The book is a story within in a story. As the children gather, the storyteller begins a tale told to him by his grandfather. The children listen as he relates the ancient story of a bear beloved by his bear family. He tells of vision, perseverance, melancholy, pain and final resolution. As the bear takes his final step, the listening children are saddened by his death. After a pause, the storyteller translates the account for their greater understanding of life processes.

The Story of the Bear is a bit somber in tone as it should be when addressing family deaths. This beautifully illustrated book is apt to be an important addition to bookshelves of families everywhere.

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